Posted July 2018

A new Street Library providing books for children and families has opened in Killarney Heights outside of KU Killarney Heights Preschool.

The children’s Street Library, which was set up by the preschool, is the first one to open in the area and provides the opportunity for members of the local community to donate and borrow books as they like.

“The idea of establishing a children’s Street Library came from our desire to share our love of reading with the local community and to develop a greater sense of community within our local area,” said KU Killarney Heights Director, Lisa Hicks.

“The Street Library has already been embraced by the local community with many families and residents already donating and borrowing books.”

The preschool celebrated the opening of the library by holding a special event which was attended by children, families and staff from the centre.

“Our educator Kylie read the story ‘Six Dinner Sid’ for the children before we cut the ribbon to officially open the Street Library. The children and families were then invited to select a book from the library to read together, before we finished the celebrations with an afternoon tea.”

“We have all really enjoyed having the new Street Library at our preschool. The children are excited to see what new books are in the library and it encourages them to develop a love of storytelling and reading which will be valuable for them as they move into primary school and beyond,” said Lisa.