Posted September 2020

Keeping children safe and well is everybody’s business

At KU, we put children’s safety and wellbeing at the centre of our practice.

KU has long been committed to the belief that every child has a right to feel safe, nurtured, valued and heard. We recognise the important role early childhood education and care has to play in providing safe and caring environments for all children.

We provide resources and training to ensure KU educators are confident in their role as an advocate for young children, and as a mandatory reporter for children who are at risk of significant harm.

One of the ways we support children to be safe is by teaching children simple age appropriate personal safety messages. KU services use the SAFE Series developed by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. Educators are trained in how to support conversations with young children around key safety messages including safe spaces, the undies rule, helping children to understand their feelings and encouraging children to think about five people they trust to help them if they felt frightened or sad. The messages are reassuring and empowering for young children.

If you would like to know more about the SAFE Series, please feel free to talk to the Director of your service or visit the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian Website