Posted June 2018

KU Centennial Parklands Children's Centre has celebrated their 20th anniversary of providing quality early childhood education and care to local families by holding a community event.

The special event was attended by children, families and staff from the centre, as well as KU Children’s Services CEO, Christine Legg. The celebrations included speeches, afternoon tea and a hands-on learning experience involving reptiles.

“We had a fantastic time celebrating our 20th anniversary. It was lovely to see our centre community come together to celebrate the special occasion, and the children were especially excited to see Kym from Bob Turner Wildlife who brought out different reptiles for the children to interact with,” said KU Centennial Parklands Director, Rachel Cunningham.

The centre specialises in connecting children with the natural environment, which was clear during their celebrations, and is also evident at the centre each day.

“We have a large natural outdoor environment where children are able to explore, discover and learn. Our garden is filled with planter boxes featuring a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, which the children look after before they are picked and used in our cooking,” said Rachel.

“We believe it is important for children to learn and engage with the natural environment, including our native plants and animals, as it allows them to develop a greater respect, understanding and connection with the natural world.”