Posted October 2018

KU Leichhardt Preschool has a special interest in environmental sustainability and outdoor play, and the preschool was recently visited by Bunnings Warehouse who helped establish a new vegetable and herb garden at the centre.

In addition to their daily activities focusing on environmental sustainability, the new vegetable and herb garden has provided children from the preschool with even more opportunities to engage in experiences relating to this interest area.

“Bunnings provided us with a range of vegetables including asparagus, carrots, beetroot, kale and tomatoes, and herbs such as coriander, parsley and basil. They also kindly donated many of the resources we need to maintain the garden such as gloves, watering cans, mulch and fertilisers,” said KU Leichhardt Director, Minnie Chin.

“We were fortunate to have been visited by Amanda from Bunnings who helped set up the garden with the children and explained to them how gardening works. The children were very excited to put on their gloves and use the spades, and they had a wonderful time helping out and learning about gardening.”

“Since installing the new garden, the children have been visiting the plants regularly to water them and to monitor them to see how much they have grown. We have also started brainstorming ideas and recipes to cook using ingredients from the garden, and keeping in line with our focus on sustainable practices, we have been saving the edible scraps from the vegetables to feed the worms in our worm farm, and to use in our compost bin.”