Today, KU continues to lead the way in early education through nearly 140 early childhood services and programs including preschool, long day care, occasional care, vacation care, mobile preschools, work-based child care, the Adult Migrant English Program, and a range of Family Programs and early intervention services supporting children with additional needs.

KU centres and programs are supported by a dedicated Central Office at 129 York Street Sydney with specialist expertise in the areas of Early Education, Child Wellbeing, Professional Learning, Inclusion, Governance, Finance, Property and Facilities, IT, People Services, Marketing and Business Development.

KU centres are welcoming, child-focused, natural environments and the play-based learning programs are delivered by highly qualified and experienced staff. Every centre is a unique reflection of the children and communities they serve.

With this in mind, KU’s range of programs will continue to expand, contract and adapt to meet the ever changing needs of children, families and the community.

Proudly remaining a not for profit, community-based organisation, children and their families continue to be the lifeblood of KU. Social investment continues to be fundamental to KU’s work, and is evident in a myriad of ways.

KU staff remain the very heart of KU – it is their expertise, continued commitment and passion towards providing the best early childhood education experience to young children and their families that truly makes the ‘KU difference’.

Forever progressive, KU continues to advocate government at all levels, to ensure quality early education outcomes for all children.

The KU of today is built on a great legacy, and stands proudly on the shoulders of those educators and innovators who have come before us – as we pave the way for those who will come after us.