Date: Jul 1, 2021 | Thu - Jul 31, 2021 | Sat, All Month

Location: University of Newcastle, University Drive Callaghan NSW 2308

KU Kintaiba Children's Centre, located in Callaghan, has celebrated the 125th anniversary of KU Children’s Services.

The centre recognised this special milestone by taking part in the NSW Government’s ‘Return and Earn’ recycling initiative. For every bottle or can the centre collects, 10 cents will be donated to the Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary.

“We reached our initial goal of collecting 125 bottles and cans and have extended our goal to donate $125, or collecting 1,250 bottles and cans,” said KU Kintaiba Director, Megan Parkes.

“Our children, families and staff are continuing to bring in bottles and cans and so far we have collected 460. We will recycle these at a Return and Earn reverse vending machine and the money raised will go directly to our chosen charity, Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary.”

The money raised by KU Kintaiba will help the sanctuary purchase hospital equipment that is vital for the care of sick and injured koalas like Jax who was adopted by the centre.

The project ties in with the theme of the 125 years celebration which is ‘making a difference through 125 years of social impact and early education’ and has combined KU Kintaiba’s sustainability goals with their koala community donation project of adopting Jax the koala.

“The project has supported the children to learn about recycling, the importance of protecting the environment, being kind to others and making our world a healthier and happier place,” said Megan.

“We would like to thank our families for getting involved and supporting KU and our social impact projects.”