Date: Sep 1, 2021 | Wed - Sep 30, 2021 | Thu, All Month

Location: 51-53 Bradfield Road West Lindfield NSW 2070

KU Bradfield Park has celebrated the 125th anniversary of KU by creating a commemorative garden at the centre.

The children helped to sort and count exactly 125 stones. The team then worked out how best to display them. They measured around the garden, did some calculating and worked out the space to place all 125 stones around the garden area. The children helped carry the stones and experiment with the layouts, negotiating the space amongst them.

The centre then made up a mud mix and set the stones around the border and placed some decorative mulch. As the final touch, KU Bradfield Park educator Glenn created a beautiful wood burned plaque for the garden.

“The children and educator team collaborated together to create a space to commemorate KU’s 125 year anniversary, focusing on an area in the middle of the yard in need of an upgrade. We will also be burying a time capsule under the tree in this garden and we hope that in 25 years the children at the centre will be able to dig it up and celebrate KU’s past, present and future,” said KU Bradfield Park Director, Vinsensia Christanto.

“We designed this initiative to encourage children to express their ideas and work in collaboration to leave something for future generations to enjoy. It has been amazing to listen to their ideas about the concepts of time, place, people and friendship.”

Celebrating 125 years has allowed the centre to collectively reflect on the past, present and future.

“We feel a sense of belonging to the KU family and have treasured discussing with the children questions such as where the teachers and children might be in 25 years,” said Vinsensia.