Date: Oct 1, 2021 | Fri - Sep 30, 2021 | Thu, .

Location: 2 Moxham Street Ashmont NSW 2650

KU Ashmont Preschool has recognised this special milestone by collecting items to support vulnerable families within the Ashmont community.

“The aim of our 125 year celebration was to support the vulnerable families within our community,” said KU Ashmont Director, Eileen Bach. “We decided to gather pantry items to support the community hub’s next door food drive they hold each week.”

The theme of the 125 years celebration was ‘making a difference through 125 years of social impact and early education’. Families were asked to bring in items on Storypark and there was a large number of families that donated several food items. The service quickly reached their intended target and discussed with children where the food items were going to go. They then donated the items which were given to people in need in the community.

“Paddy and Colina were the two managers of the Ngurra Hub who we invited to our preschool to have a look and collect the food items. They were very grateful to receive the items. Through our discussion we determined the need for food items at Christmas time and we have started collecting food items for a Christmas appeal also. Through this activity we have started developing a partnership with the hub next door and this has also enhanced the children’s understanding of different family needs,” said Ms Bach.