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Inclusion Support

We recognise that everyone has their own culture, beliefs, values and strengths contributing to our rich and diverse community. We embrace and advocate for the rights of all children to access and actively participate in our programs and have a sense of truly belonging.

Inclusion in KU services and programs

KU believes that all families should be able to access affordable, high quality education and care services for their children, and has a strong commitment to the inclusion of all children in our programs. We endeavour to provide programs and services which include and support all children, in particular KU embraces and supports vulnerable families and those with children with additional needs, in accessing and participating in quality early childhood education and care.

For more information on how KU can support your child please contact your local KU centre or program.

Inclusion Support Programme (ISP)

The new Inclusion Support Programme (ISP) commenced on 1 July 2016, replacing the previous Inclusion Support Agencies and NISSP. The ISP assists early childhood and child care (ECCC) services to include children with additional needs alongside their peers, through provision of tailored inclusion advice and support from Inclusion Agencies (IA) and access to funded support and specialist equipment where required.

The ISP consists of three key elements:

  • Inclusion Agencies
    • Each state and territory has an Inclusion Agency (IA) contracted to assist eligible services to build their capacity and capability to provide and embed inclusive practice in their delivery of early learning programmes.
    • KU Children’s Services is proud to provide Inclusion Agency support in NSW/ACT, VIC and QLD in conjunction with our partner organisations. For further information please visit the state Inclusion Agency website
  • Inclusion Development Fund
    The Inclusion Development Fund (IDF) provides funding to assist eligible services to address a barrier to inclusion that cannot be addressed by the support of an IA. There are four streams of IDF funding – subsidy for an Additional Educator, Immediate/Time Limited Support, Family Day Care Top Up and Innovative Solutions. Each stream has different eligibility criteria, application processes and approved funding purposes.

  • The Inclusion Development Fund Manager
    KU Children’s Services in partnership with Include Me is the Inclusion Development Fund Manager (IDFM) and is contracted to provide a nationally consistent and equitable management of the IDF.

For more information please visit the IDFM Website at