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9 Park Street
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  • Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Preschoolers NSW Fee Relief – Childcare

Our Program and Approach

At KU Mayfield, our focus is on ensuring we provide a happy, safe and accepting environment, which reflects and enriches the lives and identities of children and families and responds to their changing interests and needs.

As educators, we are committed to providing all children with access to a high quality preschool program, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework. We value and build on children’s interests, strengths, skills and knowledge, to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning.

Our centre is a welcoming and nurturing space where each child is immersed in a rich tapestry of educationally interactive experiences – a space where children are supported to be their own, unique selves, growing and developing a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Our program offers children the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of learning experiences and activities, each specifically designed to promote children’s confidence as capable, active participants in their own learning. Children are presented with a range of activities including gardening, arts and crafts, music and movement, physical play, block building, sand and water play, science experiments, early numeracy activities such as counting and measurement, and early literacy activities such as reading, drawing and writing.

We aim to establish immediate rapport and a sense of belonging in our community, as families arrive through the front door.

We greatly value the strong relationships between our staff, children and families, and we look forward to the opportunity of including your family in the life of our centre.

Our Specialisation

In addition to the high quality well-rounded programs we offer, all KU centres are also encouraged to develop an area of specialisation.

At KU Mayfield, we specialise in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning through our commitment to play-based learning. We believe this is how young children learn naturally, as they are enabled to question and actively investigate the world around them.

We incorporate this into our program through learning experiences that are child-led and enquiry-based. Children engage in STEM through science experiments, project work, cooking and constructions.

We feel that the children benefit from this specialisation, because it helps them develop lifelong learning skills and dispositions. When children have fun and believe they are successful learners, they are best prepared for life-long learning.

We have proudly been awarded as a ‘Little Scientist House’ through FROEBEL Australia, because of the quality of our educational program.

Our Quality

Our centre has been independently assessed by the Department of Education NSW under the National Quality Standards, and are proud to be rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard.

However what matters most is what our families think...

“The environment has such a lovely feel and the staff were so friendly and inviting. My son has difficulty settling in and being away from me (mother), but they are all so supportive and doing the best they can to make him feel comfortable.” – KU Mayfield parent

“There are not enough words to describe how wonderful this preschool is! It’s a safe environment, where fun and play leads to learning! The amazing staff genuinely care about the children and their families – and make all parents feel like their child is the utmost favourite!” – KU Mayfield parent

Our Environment

Each KU centre is unique. The best outcomes for children are created within relationships and interactions between children and educators, and children and their families, not within four walls. We work hard to create beautiful, interesting, homelike learning environments for children – whatever our setting.

Our playground is the entry point to our preschool, and our garden and natural outdoor play space invite exploration, discovery and a connection with nature.

Our playground is designed to allow children to explore nature and discover the natural environment. We want children to be able to dig in the mud, climb trees, discover and learn about insects and enjoy connecting with nature. The many learning experiences we offer enable children to immerse themselves in the natural elements of their surroundings and feel inspired to create, imagine and play.

Our Awards

KU Mayfield was awarded a SPROuts Award in both 2019 and 2021 by the NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network, recognising the preschool's commitment to embedding sustainable practices.

In 2016, KU Mayfield Preschool was certified as a Little Scientists House by Little Scientists Australia. The certification recognises KU Mayfield’s commitment to early Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education through daily playful scientific exploration. The preschool is one of only eight services across the country to have received the certification, recognising the preschool as providing one of the best environments for young children to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Making the KU Difference Awards

The Making the KU Difference Awards were introduced a number of years ago, as a way of acknowledging KU staff who have made a significant contribution to KU. KU Mayfield staff have won a number of these awards:

  • In 2022, Kate Lawrence from KU Mayfield was awarded the Making the KU Difference for Children Award
  • In 2022, Natasha Martin from KU Mayfield was awarded the Making the KU Difference for Staff Award
  • In 2021, Kelley Macnamara from KU Mayfield was awarded the Making the KU Difference for Families Award
  • In 2016, Kristin Sheldon from KU Mayfield was awarded the Making the KU Difference for Children Award
  • In 2015, KU Mayfield Director Karen Hugo was awarded the Making the KU Difference for Staff Award

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

KU was proud to launch its inaugural Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2016. At KU Mayfield, we began our journey to develop our centre’s RAP in 2018 and we are proud to present it here.

Other Features

Child Care Subsidy
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Play-based Learning
Outdoor Play
Education for Sustainability

photo of Karen Hugo

Karen Hugo


Karen is a university qualified early childhood teacher with over 15 years’ experience working with children and babies. She has been working at KU Mayfield since 2012. Karen believes strongly in nurturing self-confidence and a love of learning in her team of educators and the children. She believes children have a right to play and be young children and uses our STEM specialisation to advocate play-based learning.

Karen was awarded a 'Making the KU Difference to Quality' Award in 2015, which recognises her significant contribution to the lives of children, families and the local community.

Our Team

Our team of early childhood educators are qualified, experienced, caring and highly motivated. All hold specialist qualifications in early childhood education. We believe that the positive interactions children have with our educators are the most important component of our high quality program

The daily fee for 2024 at KU Mayfield Preschool is: $110.50

This is the full daily fee. If you are entitled to Child Care Subsidy, this will reduce the daily fee you are charged.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, KU has remained very proudly a not-for-profit provider of quality education for more than 125 years. In the past, KU has taken great pride in offering the very best services with minimal increased fees wherever possible. However this year is different, escalating operating costs have meant that in 2024 we are forced to increase fees at a higher rate than we would normally.

The fee increase will ensure we can continue to improve the quality of our services and invest in our highly skilled teachers and educators. We recognise our staff are the heart of KU as they build strong nurturing relationships with children and families whilst continuing to provide a high-quality learning program. These are vital factors that contribute to what is most important to us all – the best outcomes for children.

Overall, KU services hold the highest ratings across the National Quality Standard, with 82% of our services rated either Excellent or Exceeding, compared to the sector benchmark of 45%

KU does not distribute our profits to shareholders or send them offshore.

About Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy is the main payment to assist families with the costs of childcare. It is paid directly to the childcare provider and passed onto families as a fee reduction wherever families meet the criteria. The level of subsidy you receive, as well as the number of hours you will be subsidised, depends on your individual family’s circumstances.

If you do not already have one, you will need a MyGov account linked to Centrelink to claim any subsidy you may be eligible for, and to find out more information, please contact Centrelink on 136 150 or visit https://www.dese.gov.au.

NSW Start Strong Fee Relief

From 2024, the NSW Government is providing additional fee relief funding, based on $2,110 per eligible 4 year old child attending a preschool program within a long day care service. This funding is applied as a weekly credit to the gap fee after CCS has been applied or to full fees where a family does not receive CCS. The Start Strong fee relief will not impact CCS entitlements.

If your child is 3 years old and not yet 4 years old on, or before 31 July 2024 and enrolled at an eligible long day care service, you will receive up to $500 in fee relief.

Start Strong fee relief funding is for children who are 4 years old on or before 31 July 2024, and can only be accessed in one service. This could either be in a community preschool or long day care service. If you have a child who may be eligible, please discuss this with your service Director.

The NSW Department of Education requires parents to sign the ‘Fee Relief Declaration and Consent’ form at the time of enrolment. Your eligibility for Start Strong fee relief Funding is conditional upon signing this form.