KU Killara Park Preschool

72a Springdale Road
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  • Monday to Friday 8:15am - 3:45pm

Our Program and Approach

At our preschool childhood is celebrated. When they play and explore, children's imagination and curiosity is sparked - they enjoy learning, and are inspired to continue learning more.

At KU Killara Park Preschool, our vision is for all children to achieve their best in life – both now and in the future. We believe this can be realised within a supportive and stimulating learning environment that includes extensive resources, inspiring facilities and educators who are committed to professional development and reflection.

Our program includes a mix of both play-based and adult-guided activities and offers children the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of learning experiences and activities, each specifically designed to promote children’s confidence as capable, active participants in their own learning. Children are presented with a range of activities including gardening, arts and crafts, music and movement, physical play, block building, sand and water play, science experiments, early numeracy activities such as counting and measurement, and early literacy activities such as reading, drawing and writing.

At KU Killara Park Preschool, we are proud of our reputation within the local community of providing rich education and care that concentrates on individual children in a family-focussed and supportive way.

Our preschool is a welcoming and nurturing space where each child is immersed in a rich tapestry of educationally interactive experiences – a space where children are supported to be their own, unique selves, growing and developing a sense of belonging and empowerment.

We greatly value the strong relationships between our staff, children and families, and we look forward to the opportunity of including your family in the life of our centre.

Our Specialisation

In addition to the high quality well-rounded programs we offer, all KU centres are also encouraged to develop an area of specialisation.

At KU Killara Park, we specialise in the ‘Power of Language’. We believe in the power of words and their ability to have a positive or negative impact. We aim to provide an environment that allows for and encourages possibilities for learning and discovering through the power of language.

We believe this specialisation will benefit children, because it will enhance their communication skills and, therefore, equip them with the capability to enjoy a successful transition to school and beyond.

Our Quality

Our centre has been independently assessed by the Department of Education NSW under the National Quality Standards, and are proud to be rated as 'Excellent' – in the top 1% of early childhood service providers in Australia.

However what matters most is what our families think...

“KU Killara Park is totally responsive to children’s needs. Children are exposed to new experiences and taught so many skills. Children love preschool and are learning so much about social interactions, the world and environment they live in and other cultures. A totally caring and nurturing environment. The kids move onto school and the world so well prepared.” – KU Killara Park parent

"Strong friendships are formed here. Not only for the children, but for us as parents too. My closest friendships today are other mothers I have met when my older children attended KU Killara Park Preschool. I am now here with my young child, meeting new friends." - KU Killara Park parent

Our Environment

Each KU centre is unique. The best outcomes for children are created within relationships and interactions between children and staff, and children and their families, not within four walls. We work hard to create beautiful, interesting, homelike learning environments for children – whatever our setting.

KU Killara Park Preschool is situated amongst the trees in Killara Park. The preschool has been operating for 73 years and has a prominent place in the community. The preschool is in a cottage that has a home-like feel and birds and possums visit and can be heard residing in many of the established trees, which form shade for the children’s play.

Our playground is designed to maximise the use of the natural environment and allow children to play and explore as they would in their own backyard. We offer stimulating activities that arouse children’s curiosity and encourage them to choose from a variety of planned experiences, expanding their learning potential. Our playground includes natural elements such as sand, water, grass, mud, leaves, twigs and bush kitchen, and we also offer gross motor experiences such as climbing, jumping and physical play. We foster the holistic development of each child so they feel inspired to create, imagine and play and the natural elements of our setting.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

KU was proud to launch its inaugural Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2016. At KU Killara Park, we began our journey to develop our centre’s RAP in 2018 and we are proud to launch it now. Please view it here.

Other Features

Child Care Subsidy
Designed Centre
Hat and Sunscreen
Transition to School
Play-based Learning
Outdoor Play

photo of Maryann Walker

Maryann Walker


Maryann is a university qualified early childhood teacher with over 25 years’ experience working with children and babies. Maryann has an interest in promoting children's early literacy strengths. She is currently researching STEAM which is how science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics can be promoted within the children's learning environment.

Our team of early childhood educators are qualified, experienced, caring and highly motivated. All hold specialist qualifications in early childhood education. We believe that the positive interactions children have with our staff are the most important component of our high quality program.

The daily fees for 2019 at KU Killara Park Preschool are:

  • Start Strong Fee: $52
  • Unfunded Fee: $82.50

Which fee will you pay?

Start Strong Fee

The NSW Government provides preschool funding, called Start Strong funding. This funding is to be directed towards children in the year before they are eligible to start school (four and five year olds) who are enrolled in a preschool program for 15 hours per week. Across KU Preschools, the ‘15 hours’ is met by enrolling in two x 7.5 hour days per week.

Start Strong funding is then passed on as a fee reduction for those 15 hours, with the Start Strong fee then applied to all four and five year old children enrolled for two days (15 hours) per week.

The NSW Department of Education requires parents to sign the ‘Consent to use and disclosure of personal information’ form at the time of enrolment (see KU’s Standard Terms for the Enrolment of Children, p.4). Your eligibility for Start Strong Funding is conditional upon signing this form.

Unfunded Fee

The Unfunded Fee is charged when:

  • Children are three years old
  • Children are four or five years old who:
    • Only attend one day per week (less than 15 hours); or
    • Attend more than two days (15 hours) per week – you will pay the Start Strong Fee for the first two days, then the Unfunded Daily Fee for each day after that.

Is there a discounted 3-year-old fee?

You may have seen media reports that the NSW Government is extending Start Strong funding to three year olds in 2019. Whilst funding for three year olds will be less than for older children, it is still very welcome news.

The NSW Government will release that funding mid-2019. We look forward to being able to pass this funding on to families as discounted fees at that time. Until then, families of three year old children will be charged the Unfunded Fee.

Are you a Health Care Card holder?

If you hold a Health Care Card, you may be entitled to a further discount on your preschool fees. Please speak with the Preschool Director further about this.