The Joey Club Sydney

Qantas Airways D Wing, 10 Bourke Road
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  • Monday to Friday 7:00am - 6:45pm
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Our Program and Approach

The Joey Club Sydney is a Qantas work-based long-day care centre operated by KU Children’s Services.

Our work with children is based on the belief that the early childhood years are of great significance in a young person’s life and foundational in fostering the natural dispositions of children to become a life-long learner.

Our approach to learning is framed by our ability to construct a curriculum that is thoughtfully planned, culturally and linguistically responsive, challenging, engaging, contextual and one that promotes positive learning outcomes for diverse learners.

The implementation of our curriculum is guided by a set of principles that have been chosen to reflect the centres beliefs about how children learn, the role families play in children’s learning, the role of the environment, the importance of relationships, as well as children’s own identity within the context of their families, culture, community and as global citizens.

The Joey Club Sydney is a place where children’s thinking, learning and work is honored and made visible to families and to the wider Qantas community. We create communities of learning amongst children where play-based and project approaches to learning are highly favoured, providing children with a variety of opportunities to develop learning dispositions and skills such as curiosity, creativity, decision-making, exploration, language and self-expression.

We are particularly proud of the partnership that we have developed with our families and our Qantas community. Being a work-based service, we have an emphatic and highly responsive position to understanding the complexities of working families; the implications and demand that this can have on their children. Our reputation within our local community is recognised for providing a rich education and care program that is responsive, reciprocal and relevant to the lives of our children, family and community.

Our strength lies in our culturally and linguistically diverse team of educators, who have embodied the significant work of building sincere and meaningful relationships with the children, families and our Qantas community.

We greatly value the strong relationships between our educators, children and families and we look forward to welcoming you to The Joey Club Sydney family.

We Focus On

In addition to the high quality well-rounded programs we offer, all KU centres are also encouraged to develop an area of focus.

At The Joey Club, our focus is making children’s learning visible through documentation.

At The Joey Club, we believe that the image of the child should be celebrated as a capable, competent and active participant in society, whose work should be cherished and reflective. Through our documentation, we strive to honor our children’s ideas, feelings and views of the world, providing our families and educators with the opportunity to collaboratively broaden our unique perspectives and understanding about children’s learning.

Guided by such beliefs, we are committed to ensure children’s learning is made visible through our documentation.

We do this through creating individual E-portfolios documenting children’s learning, the use of ‘Storypark’, which has provided us with the opportunity to further enhance families’ engagement and participation in their children’s learning, visual displays within the centre and throughout all the rooms and an annual collaborative ‘World Environment Day Art Inquiry projects’ with our Qantas community, which encourages children to explore social and global issues of importance to them.

Our educators are committed to providing documentation that highlights the way children learn and make sense of their world. We are continually exploring new methods to enhance our documentation of children’s learning, through the use of technology and multi-modal ways of presenting children’s thinking and learning. We are confident that we are making this more meaningful and visible for children, families and community.

We believe the children benefit from this because it stimulates children’s thinking and enriches their ongoing learning.

Our Quality

The Joey Club Sydney has been independently assessed by the NSW Department of Education and Training under the National Quality Standards, and are proud to be rated as Exceeding in all aspects of the National Quality Standard.

Our commitment to high quality was also acknowledged by the department and the Overall Summary Comments are outlined below:

Your service is commended on its achievements in providing quality outcomes for children. In particular, an educational program that responds to children's interests and scaffolds their learning, careful planning and reflective practice, establishing and maintaining positive relationships with children and families, a willingness to collaborate with families and the community to enhance children's learning and wellbeing, and effective leadership and management of the service demonstrate the commitment to quality by educators at your service.”

However what matters most is what our families think...

"The relationship my children have with their teachers really reflects the care and support the teachers give the children. My daughters have so much trust in their teachers, allowing me to have the confidence to know they are well looked after. My daughters are consistently learning new things. I am amazed daily with the amount of confidence that my daughter has to learn new things and apply the learnings at home - a true reflection of the quality of education at The Joey Club." - The Joey Club Sydney parent

“The comfort in knowing our little one is being looked after by such a wonderful team is priceless. Thank you for being a fun, safe, warm and caring centre. What would we do without you! A heartfelt thank you to all the staff who do such a wonderful job.” - The Joey Club Sydney parent

Our Environment

Each KU centre is unique. The best outcomes for children are created within relationships and interactions between children and staff, and children and their families, not within four walls. We work hard to create beautiful, interesting, homelike learning environments for children – whatever our setting.

The Joey Club Sydney is a modern, state-of-the-art centre, purpose built to the highest standards. The centre was first opened in July 2003 and has continued to grow to become an integral part of the Qantas professional community. The environment includes both indoor and outdoor spaces that have been architecturally designed with unique features, which encourages children to explore and learn within a bright and spacious environment.

Our centre is licensed to cater for 73 children per day and is located on the Qantas campus in Mascot.

Learning spaces and curriculum decisions are intended to challenge and engage children and at the same time provide them with a sense of stability and predictability. The learning environment is also set up in a way that promotes positive interactions and is reflective of our high regards to play and to relationships, as stated in our centre philosophy and curriculum statement. Our customised facilities include a separate family meeting room, which is available to families and educators to utilise for formal and informal meetings.

Our playground is designed to allow children to explore nature and discover the natural environment. We want children to be able to dig in the mud, climb trees, discover and learn about insects and enjoy connecting with nature. The many activities we offer enable children to immerse themselves in the natural elements of their surroundings and feel inspired to create, imagine and play.

Our Awards

The Annual KU Difference Awards were introduced a number of years ago, as a way of acknowledging KU staff who have made a significant contribution to KU. These annual awards are open to all KU staff, at any level (either individual staff or a team), who have worked above and beyond their normal duties.

In 2018, The Joey Club Sydney Educator Thi Hoa Nguyen was awarded the Making the KU Difference for Children Award.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

KU was proud to launch its inaugural Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2016. At The Joey Club, we began our journey to develop our centre’s RAP in 2018 and we are proud to present it here.

Other Features

Child Care Subsidy
Cooked Meal
Designed Centre
Extended Hours
Hat and Sunscreen
Transition to School
Public Transport
Play-based Learning
Outdoor Play

photo of Amal Nasr

Amal Nasr


Amal is a university qualified early childhood teacher with over 25 years’ experience working with children and families in the Early Childhood sector. She has been working at The Joey Club since 2008.

As an advocate for children, Amal has also used her roles as a Validator with NCAC and a board member of various organisations, to bring about positive changes to children and families.

Amal is constantly marvelled by the amazing things that take place in children’s play and she has a keen interest in trying to understand how it influences their thinking and learning.

She is also driven by her team’s commitment to placing the child’s community at the heart of The Joey Club workplace culture, reflected in the responsive way the team meets the ever-changing work and family life demands, of which can be seen by the sense of belonging that the children, families and educators all feel about ‘The Joey Club Sydney Family.’

The daily fees for 2024 at The Joey Club Sydney are:

Qantas Families Community Families
Infants $162.00 $167.00
Toddlers $156.00 $161.00
Preschoolers $149.00 $154.00

This is the full daily fee. If you are eligible for Child Care Subsidy, this will reduce the daily fee you are charged.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, KU has remained very proudly a not for profit provider. Our fees are designed to cover the operational costs of delivering the unique KU learning experience, and to ensure KU can continue delivering those experiences for many years to come.

About Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy is the main payment to assist families with the costs of childcare. It is paid directly to the childcare provider and passed onto families as a fee reduction wherever families meet the criteria. The level of subsidy you receive, as well as the number of hours you will be subsidised, depends on your individual family’s circumstances.

If you do not already have one, you will need a MyGov account linked to Centrelink to claim any subsidy you may be eligible for, and to find out more information, please contact Centrelink on 136 150 or visit

NSW Start Strong Fee Relief

From 2024, the NSW Government is providing additional fee relief funding based on $2,110 per eligible 4 year old child attending a preschool program within a long day care service. This funding is applied as a weekly credit to the gap fee after CCS has been applied or to full fees where a family does not receive CCS. The Start Strong Fee Relief will not impact CCS entitlements.

If your child is 3 years old and not yet 4 years old on, or before 31 July 2024 and enrolled at an eligible long day care service, you will receive up to $500 in fee relief.

Start Strong Fee Relief funding is for children who are 4 years old on or before 31 July 2024, and can only be accessed in one service. This could either be in a community preschool or long day care service. If you have a child who may be eligible, please discuss this with your service Director.

The NSW Department of Education requires parents to sign the ‘Fee Relief Declaration and Consent’ form at the time of enrolment. Your eligibility for Start Strong fee relief Funding is conditional upon signing this form.