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  • Monday to Friday 8:00am - 3:30pm
Preschoolers NSW Fee Relief – Preschool

Our Program and Approach

At KU Goulburn, childhood is celebrated. We encourage children to laugh, think, question and learn. Their sense of self and confidence grows as they make connections with each other, and build warm, trusting relationships with our team.

Our play-based program intentionally provides opportunities and activities based upon the Early Years Learning Framework, for your child to discover and pursue their own interests and strengths. When they play and explore, children's imagination and curiosity is sparked - they enjoy learning, and are inspired to continue learning more.

Play gives children the opportunity to explore, discover, create, improvise and imagine. Play is how children make sense of their world, work out how things work, develop social skills to interact with others, use muscles and co-ordination skills, co-operate, develop language, experiment, try different life roles, explore print, numbers, colour and work out the world around them.

In our program, children are supported to work in both small and large group experiences, as well as opportunities to work independently. Teachers and educators engage with the children in play and activities to extend thinking and learning.

We support building independence throughout the day in every aspect of the routine from packing away together to caring for their own belongings, self-care and asking for help when needed.

We consider the individual needs of the children, their different interests, motivations and learning styles when planning for the program. Our teachers and educators will spend a great deal of time getting to know your child and will speak with you on a regular basis as part of this process.

We balance the day between indoor and outdoor learning spaces with the children. The routine provides the children with a sense of security within their day through consistency and is very important at the beginning of the year as we settle in together. Throughout the year, we have a flexible routine for spontaneous moments and learning opportunities.

A safe, welcoming and engaging learning environment is a key element to our program. Experiences are carefully planned to reflect the interests and investigations initiated by the children. Children are supported and encouraged to work collectively to share their ideas and discoveries together. Our educators are involved with the children supporting their play and investigations as facilitators and co-learners.

Families are considered a very important part of the learning environment and we welcome you to participate in the preschool community and enjoy sharing parts of our day.

Our Specialisation

In addition to the high quality well-rounded programs we offer, all KU centres are also encouraged to develop an area of specialisation.

At KU Goulburn we specialise in relationships and connections. Relationships and connections are the most treasured part of our preschool community and this is strongly reflected in our philosophy and everyday practice.

We recognise the importance of children and families feeling safe and welcome at preschool. We place a great deal of importance on orientation and getting to know families individually as well as families beginning to learn about our preschool and educators.

Relationships are fostered through opportunity to connect, share information , celebrate, support, encourage and laugh together. Positive connections build respectful relationships, feelings of acceptance and genuine care. It is our intention each child, family and staff member will feel valued at KU Goulburn Preschool.

Our Quality

Our centre has been independently assessed by the NSW Department of Education under the National Quality Standards, and are proud to be rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard.

Our Environment

Each KU centre is unique. The best outcomes for children are created within relationships and interactions between children and staff, and children and their families, not within four walls. We work hard to create beautiful, interesting, homelike learning environments for children - whatever our setting.

Our outdoor learning environment nurtures children’s connections and understandings of the natural world. The many activities we offer enable children to immerse themselves in the natural elements of their surroundings and feel inspired to create, imagine and play.

We enjoy our veggie patch and eating the produce. Throughout the year the birds nest and we love watching them hatch. We have lizards and insects that make our outdoor area their home and we learn to be respectful towards our residents! The levels in the water tank go up and down with the rain and we carefully use our water. The changing seasons are evident in our trees and the colours they produce. It is a busy and active area to enjoy and share together.

Experiences within the indoor and outdoor learning areas are interchangeable. Children enjoy the opportunity to engage with art, writing and drawing areas, quiet reading spaces, construction, music, science and maths, dramatic role play, problem solving and so much more.

Other Features

Hat and Sunscreen
Transition to School
Public Transport
Play-based Learning
Outdoor Play
Experienced Staff
University Qualified Educators


Ann-Maree Fisher

Ann-Maree has worked at KU Goulburn Preschool (previously Goulburn Pre-School) since 1998 and holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).

Ann-Maree is dedicated to supporting inclusive education, play-based learning, and building positive and supportive relationships within the preschool community and local community.

She strongly believes in opportunities for life long learning and continuing to build skills and knowledge within the experienced KU Goulburn team.

Our Team

Our qualified and experienced team share a range of strengths and personal interests to enrich the educational program. We are committed to building strong connections with children and families as the key element in ensuring a strong, high quality experience in early childhood education.

The daily fees for 2024 at KU Goulburn Preschool are:

Fee Amount
4 year old Start Strong Fee Relief fee FREE
3 year old Start Strong Fee Relief fee FREE
Start Strong Equity Fee Relief fee FREE
Unfunded fee $48

Which fee will you pay?

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that all children in NSW can participate in 600 hours of quality preschool education in the year before school, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are.

To ensure that affordability is not a barrier for families with young children, the NSW Government provides Start Strong funding making 600 hours, or 15 hours per week, of preschool participation in the two years before school more affordable. In KU preschools, this 15 hours per week is met by enrolling for two days per week.

Start Strong Free Preschool (3 year olds and 4 year olds)

From 2024, the NSW government has provided additional fee relief funding, based on $4,220 per eligible child. This enables NSW preschools to reduce the daily fee as much as possible, within the Start Strong funding parameters.

This funding is for children who turn 3 or 4 years of age by 31 July in the preschool year and are enrolled in a preschool program for 15 hours per week. Across KU Preschools, the ‘15 hours’ is usually met by enrolling in two x 7.5 hour days per week.

Start Strong fee relief can only be accessed at one service, either a preschool or long day care service. This ensures as many children as possible can access affordable early childhood education.

Start Strong Equity Fee Relief Fee

The NSW government provides further funding for children who meet the Start Strong Equity funding criteria. If you think you may be eligible for Equity funding, please speak with the Preschool Director further about this.

Unfunded Fee

The Unfunded Fee is charged when a family has chosen to access the Start Strong fee relief at another community preschool or long day care service.