Celebrating KU New Openings in 2022

KU Dianella, Victoria

KU Maidstone, Victoria

Celebrating KU Service Milestones in 2022

  • 80 Years since 1942
    KU Petersham Preschool
  • 75 Years since 1947
    KU Eastwood Preschool
  • 60 Years since 1962
    KU Bligh Park Preschool
    KU Liverpool Preschool
  • 50 Years since 1972
    KU Grevillea Preschool
    KU St Ives Barra Brui Preschool
  • 30 Years since 1992
    Kira Child Care Centre
    KU Bankstown AMEP Child Care Centre
    KU Cabramatta AMEP Child Care Centre
    KU Carillon Avenue Children's Centre
    KU Greenwood Children's Centre
  • 20 Years since 2002
    KU Village Green Children’s Centre
  • 10 Years since 2012
    KU Craigieburn Children's Centre

If you attended or worked at one of the above KU services, feel free to get in touch with us at alumni@ku.com.au. We would love to hear more about your KU experience.