Posted March 2020

KU Avalon Preschool has celebrated the 125th anniversary of KU Children’s Services by holding a Family Fun Day attended by children, families and staff from the centre.

The theme for the celebration was ‘making a difference through 125 years of social impact and early education’.

“Celebrating KU’s 125 years with a Family Fun Day gave us the opportunity to gather the Avalon community and celebrate with all our families and staff, creating connections, friendships and long-term relationships that will take the families into primary school and beyond,” said KU Avalon Director, Mariza Economides.

“Our Family Fun Day began with the children working at the sand art table, recognising the ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ program, followed by a woodfired pizza lunch, dance party, face painting, tattoos and a silent auction, with gifts donated by many local businesses and shops.”

“KU Avalon has been educating and making a difference to the children of Avalon for 69 years and we are proudly enrolling second generations of KU children at our preschool. We are looking forward to celebrating our 70th year in the community in 2021,” said Mariza.