Posted May 2017

KU Bulli Preschool has celebrated 40 years of providing quality early childhood education and care to local families by holding a community event last weekend.

The special event was attended by current and former children, families and staff from the preschool, as well as KU Children’s Services CEO, Christine Legg.

The celebrations included speeches, music, afternoon tea and activities for the children including storytelling, face painting and games.

“Our celebration of 40 years of KU Bulli Preschool was such a lovely afternoon. The children were able to show their families the portraits they drew and painted of themselves and the dreamcatchers that we made together,” said KU Bulli Director, Michelle Lashbrook.

“Following the speeches, the children enjoyed listening to some storytelling, having their faces painted and used natural materials to create a big weaving frame. There was lots of conversation, lots of laughs and lots of sharing of memories from times passed. It was a lovely afternoon of connection and community,” said Michelle.