KU Alumni Program – Employee Referral Program

KU Alumni can be rewarded for helping us recruit the best people.

As a valued member of the KU Alumni family, we know you understand the skills and qualities necessary to be a successful and engaged employee at KU.

We want to attract the most talented people to KU, and to support this we invite registered KU Alumni to participate in our Employee Referral Program. Registered alumni are those who have completed the KU Alumni survey and agreed to stay connected and receive updates from KU.

How it works

For every successful referral you’ll earn $500.

To make a referral, simply go the Careers Page on the KU website, select a vacant position to forward to someone you know, asking them to identify you as their Referring Friend on their application.

Once your referral has successfully completed their probation period, we’ll contact you to arrange your bonus payment.

A valid referral is a person, who has never worked for KU, a past staff member or people who are known to KU.