Date: Sep 6, 2021 | Mon, .

Location: Cnr Sidwell Avenue & Hopman Crescent Shalvey NSW 2770

In Term 2 prior to the COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney, the educators and children at KU Shalvey had read a very interesting book about a service called The Royal Flying Doctors. This book was ‘Meet the Flying Doctors’ by George Ivanoff. We learnt that in the bush areas of Australia, they do not have doctors close like we do near us at Shalvey. We were fascinated to learn how if someone is sick, they are either visited by a doctor or nurse to check on them.

We then decided to do some more research and watched a short clip from ‘Behind The News’ (a news program made by children, for children) which taught us all about the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and how important this service is to rural communities. We decided at KU Shalvey that this is a service that we would love to support and so we decided to explore this as a project when we return in Term 3.

When we were due to return in Term 3, the Shalvey local area has remained in Local Government Area lockdown, so we decided to explore this virtually using Storypark and asking children to participate at home. We called our project ‘125 Bottles On The Wall’ and we aimed to have 125 items (bottles, cans and other recyclables) that could be returned to the preschool to be donated using the ‘Return and Earn’ system with all proceeds going to the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

We were overwhelmed with the support from the children and families, and we are very proud that we were able to raise money through this process to contribute to helping the Royal Flying Doctors Service on behalf of KU in celebration of their amazing 125 years of providing quality early learning for children and we are proud that our donation can continue to support the rural community into tomorrow.