Date: Sep 1, 2021 | Wed - Oct 31, 2021 | Sun, .

Location: 99 Harris Street Ultimo NSW 2009

KU Children’s Services have given back to the community and provided high quality early education for 125 years. To celebrate this milestone, the educators at Maybanke Preschool started to reflect upon the meaning of "community" and realised that it could mean so much more than just the residents of Pyrmont, City of Sydney Council, New South Wales, or even Australia. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that – locally, nationally, and globally – we are all connected.

125 is a big number! At Maybanke Preschool, the children were invited to explore the number 125 in a tangible, practical, and fun way. The children, families, and community were asked to collect their bread tags for Aussie Breads Tags for Wheelchairs. Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs (ABTFW) collect bread tags nationally and have been doing so since 2006. The tags are recycled locally in South Australia and turned into beautiful bowls and usable items, which raises funds to buy wheelchairs for people facing disadvantage, particularly those in South Africa. This charity spans from local to national, all the way to international communities. At its core, ABTFW is about reusing and repurposing everyday plastic that would usually go into landfill and raising much needed funds for people in need.

Time to get your sandwiches and toast involved! Maybanke Preschool educators put the call out to their families and immediately, the collection started. Those children staying home during the lockdown also started collecting, making this an interactive and collaborative experience. With a goal of 125 tags, they began with a small container, moved on to seven jars, and ended up with a large bucket. Members of the Pyrmont community also found out and started dropping bags of bread tags off at the door.

Every day, a child would excitedly reach for the tags in their bag or pocket and add it to the collection. The children of Maybanke even started finding loose bread tags on the footpaths and at the park.

The intention throughout this journey was to foster children's early mathematical skills and understanding whilst celebrating 125 year of KU service. Through counting, sorting, categorising, and weighing the bread tags, this journey provided many rich learning opportunities for the children. The day 125 breads tags were counted was a very exciting day!

Maybanke Preschool sent off over 300 bread tags, well surpassing their initial goal. The fun will not stop there though, with the preschool committed to continuing this experience and being a place where families and community members can drop off what would usually just go to waste.