What are KU’s before and after school care programs?

KU’s before and after school care programs are committed to high quality care for each and every child, including those with additional needs. Care is provided in a safe, relaxed environment that nurtures creativity, social skills, life skills and physical activity appropriate for middle childhood.

In every KU centre, our programs are led by University qualified Early Childhood Teachers. The educational programs take a holistic approach to your child’s development, extending their competencies and skills, to enhance their learning and help them progress with confidence.

KU’s specialist before and after school care programs provide a recreation-based program for 5 to 13 year olds and operate before and/or after school, matching school terms. Before and after school care programs are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.

Why are the school age years so important?

The learning that children experience at KU centres complements their learning at home and at school, to support them as they gain more independence and become confident young people gaining a greater understanding of who they are and their place in the world. The skills children develop in a KU before and after school care program stands them in good stead for lifelong learning, and can positively shape the way they approach learning for the rest of their lives.

What can you expect to see in a before and after school care program?

We provide a play-based learning program rich in leisure opportunities that are centred upon children’s interests and strengths to support their learning and development.

Inclusion in a before and after school care program

KU’s Education Support Team supports KU centres with the inclusion of children with additional needs. This may include children with diagnosed disabilities, challenging behaviour or social and emotional difficulties, as well as supporting families and educators when they have concerns about a child’s development. The team of Education Support Managers have qualifications in Early Childhood Education and Teaching as well as Post Graduate qualifications in Special Education or related fields. The Education Support Manager may visit the centre your child attends by direct request of the family, the centre, or as a part of general education support and may also liaise with therapists and other allied professionals.

What do families think?

“My daughter loves after school care and she really enjoys all the activities you are offering. I’m very impressed by the way you are showing them all these new things that I never thought to show her so thank you.” – KU Dem School Kids Care parent
"I would like to say how fantastic I think KU Grandstand Kids Care is. All of the carers are so kind and thoughtful and the activities that are offered are amazing. Our child started the year asking me if he could not go to after school care and now he insists on being the last child there, he loves it so much. That is testament to how much effort is put into the service, so thank you very much." – KU Grandstand Kids Care parent
"KU Grandstand Kids Care has been a beautiful and caring place for little kindergarten kids to retreat to after a big day at school. We are going to miss you next year – I wish I had another baby I could send to Grandstand! Many thanks again." – KU Grandstand Kids Care parent