Heavy restrictions on face-to-face training saw KU’s Professional Learning Team re-examine the existing program of course offerings, and ways to modify and develop course content to transform sessions to the online environment. Planned ‘in person’ events were adapted to be offered as short webinar sessions or a series of sessions, providing sustained involvement and opportunities for practice and reflection inbetween. The team refined presentation styles to fit the new medium and developed skills to engage participants in deep learning that sustains effective adult education. The team also developed technical understanding with support from the IT Team, using new platforms for delivery such as Zoom meetings, piloting self-paced learning modules, and initiating the Provoking Minds podcast series that promoted upcoming events.

The team came together weekly to share new technical knowledge and build capacity and understanding. They also designed online approaches to maintain coaching and mentoring instead of the usual service visits and brought Communities of Practice and other project participants together inventively. They built on newly learned approaches to design a creative and engaging online program, making the desirable transition to online and blended approaches inevitable.

After a series of successful workshops with internationally acclaimed educator and speaker, Ann Pelo, were abruptly ceased by travel restrictions and distancing requirements, a resourceful podcast series featuring Ann Pelo was produced and this remains a legacy of our digital response.

Despite the restrictions, an impressive 185 events were offered throughout the year, including 127 online sessions. This was responded to with an enthusiastic 4,794 registrations, made up of 3,891 KU staff and 903 external registrations. KU’s reach remained strong during a time of intense pressure in the sector. 81% of attendees joined virtually, and online learning provided a lifeline when coming together for face-to-face professional learning was impossible. This investment in preparation and technology skills significantly advanced our professional learning program within the sector.