Parent KU Milperra

How did KU Milperra support you and your child during COVID-19?

We received the Weekly Preschool Connect.

Can you tell us a little more about that?

The Weekly Preschool Connect was posted weekly on Storypark throughout the height of the COVID-19 outbreak when most students were learning from home. The sessions varied in length depending on what videos were uploaded. Often my son Harrison and I would spend 30 minutes at a time going through the videos and talking about the content that was included. The videos on Preschool Connect were fantastic and included the teachers reading stories, relaxation/yoga, dancing, teaching points around washing hands, hygiene and nursery rhymes.

Was there a highlight?

The highlight for Harrison was watching the educators read picture books and asking reflective questions.

How easy was it to access?

We found that using an already established platform like Storypark to communicate videos with all of the students worked really well. We did not have to learn a new platform and it was a seamless transition to learning from home. The videos were easy to access, and we could communicate with the educators through likes and comments under each video.

How did you use Storypark previously?

Previously I used Storypark as a way of seeing what Harrison had been learning on any given day. Before bed each night, Harrison and I would look through the photos and descriptions on Storypark to open up a conversation about his day and what he had learned.

Did this experience change your perception of quality early childhood education?

I have always thought very highly of the educators at KU Milperra. They go above and beyond to tap into the interests of every child and engage them in quality learning experiences. They have always been extremely inclusive to ensure the needs of all children are met through the quality learning experiences that they provide. The Weekly Preschool Connect is just another example of how the staff and Director at KU Milperra care about the children in their centre and want them to continue to grow and learn even if they are not physically attending the centre.

How did the Weekly Preschool Connect benefit Harrison?

The Weekly Preschool Connect allowed Harrison to continue to see and communicate with the educators and students at KU Milperra, even when he was learning from home. He was able to see the educators teaching lessons and hear them reading books. He was able to see the students who were still attending the centre demonstrate good hygiene practices such as how to correctly wash their hands. Preschool Connect kept Harrison connected to his preschool.

What difference did it make for your family?

Working and learning from home was a very difficult time for everyone. Through the weekly videos we felt more connected to the KU community. I really feel like it benefitted Harrison’s education, development and wellbeing.

COVID-19 aside, how was your overall experience at KU Milperra?

KU Milperra was the second preschool Harrison attended. Coming from another preschool could have been a difficult transition for Harrison, but thanks to the educators at KU the transition was seamless, and Harrison loved attending from day one. The centre was highly recommended in the community for Exceeding the National Quality Standards. From the moment we stepped into the centre we felt welcome. Harrison loved the natural feel of the centre which enabled him to explore open-ended learning experiences using the natural environment. The educators were caring, consistent and promoted independence in the students, preparing them for success in primary school. I cannot recommend KU Milperra enough; it is an outstanding preschool with outstanding educators.