photo of Kat Varga

Kat Varga

Past Parent (KU Union, 2017-2019)

Kat recently shared her KU Experience and Memories with us.

What are some of the highlights and memories from your KU Experience as a parent?

KU was always a welcoming and safe place for the children. When they walked through the doors, Astrid would be off looking for her friends. She never asked to stay home as she wanted to play with her friends and see the wonderful staff at KU. The staff were kind, patient and really cared for the children around them. As a parent it was great to see the kids prepare or celebrate for events such as Christmas or Mother’s Day. I treasure Astrid's special artwork that she made at KU for these events.

Is there something that your child talks about as a memory from his/her time at KU?

Astrid is now in her first year of kindergarten but still talks about KU, her friends and her carers. Being in Kindergarten, we are doing lots of reading at home. Astrid will bring home books from the school library that she recognises or likes, that were read to her at KU.

There are also multiple requests of when she will be able to see wonderful educators Kristina, Mel and Katarina to name a few. Covid has made this difficult to do, however, we still pass on group photos to KU Union to say hello.

Does your child stay in contact with anyone from her year?

Yes we are. This year Astrid saw her mates, Ava, Manon, William and Arthur for play dates or birthdays.

Are you aware of the ways KU made a difference through social impact programs, services or initiatives during your time at KU?

I know that through KU, Astrid participated with the local community and events around the centre.